Server Merger on Aug 17, 2017

14/08/2017 22:30

Dear Players,

In response to player’s requirement and to let players enjoy a better gaming experience, promoting communications among players and preparing for other fabulous systems in later stage of the game, we decide to carry out a Server Merge.

We will transfer your character data for the merge. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.

Note: Server Merge will not cause any loss in your inventory and mail or any other valuable data for characters.

Merge Servers:

Merge Time:
Start from 01:00, Aug 17, 2017(CDT).

We will need to turn off the servers for this event. Please be aware of the merge time to prevent any loss. Maintenance will last for about 2 hours.

Merge Rules:

I. Account-related Issues

1. Non-active Account Deletion Rules
The following types of accounts will be deleted:
A. Accounts without top-up history and the character level lower than Lv.20.
B. Accounts without top-up history, haven't been logged in for 180 days and the character level is lower than Lv.40.

2. Identical Character Name and Friend Issue
A. For identical character names, "Sn-(original server number)" will be added before the original character name.
B. Players with the identical character name problem, will receive a rename card. After you use a rename card, your friends and guild members will receive an email notice to inform them of the change.

3. Identical Guild Name
For identical guild names, "Sn-(original server number)" will be added before the original guild name.

II. Event-related Issues

1. The Fighting Game
A. After the merge, the Fighting Game will be closed immediately.
B. Unclaimed rewards and bet rewards will be emailed to players. (The bet rewards will be the winning rewards if the bet result is unclear.)

2. Hunter's Wheel
A. After the merge, players' points will be cleared after the point ranking rewards are sent. The point ranking will be calculated again after the merge.
B. Hunter Coins, Hunter's Wheel Tickets and Advanced Hunter's Wheel Tickets will be kept.

3. Time-limited Sale
A. The buyer number of the main server will be kept in the General Benefit of the Time-limited Sale.
B. Progress won't be changed after servers are merged.

4. Hunter Association
A. After servers are merged, Individual Donation, Donation Coins and point rewards in the Hunter Association will be saved.
B. The Hunter Association information in the main server will be displayed in the Hunter Association level progress and level reward claiming status.

5. Time-limited Group-buy
A. After servers are merged, the main server progress of the time-limited group-buy will stay unchanged.
B. Group-buy Coupon and point data from the main server and sub-servers will be kept.
C. The point reward-claiming status won't be changed after servers are merged.
D. Daily group-buy attempts won't be reset.

III. Ranking-Related Issues

1. Heaven's Arena Ranking Reward: If players have the same amount of stars, the Heaven's Arena ranking will be calculated again. Players from the main server will be ranked before those from sub-servers by default. Yesterday's ranking reward can be claimed normally.

2. All rankings (Academy Practice, Escort and Pet Exploration) today won't be cleared. They will be ranked again according to all players’ data. For players with the same amount of points, the player from the main server will be ranked first.

3. All rankings yesterday will be cleared. Unclaimed rewards will be sent via mail.

4. In the Greed Island battlefield event, the server ranking will be calculated again based on season honor.

Finally, we’d like to thank you for your support and will make every effort to improve the game. So immerse yourself into the game now!

Hunter Online Operating Group
Aug 15, 2017