New Feature Preview: Battlefield “Greed Island”

16/02/2017 19:35

In order to improve every player’s gaming experience, we decide to add the battlefield function “Greed Island” in the near future. Thanks for your constant support and we will strive to roll out funnier updates and fixes the bugs in the future.

For more information about the update detail, please pay attention to our official site.

Function Overview:

1. Level 40+ players can enter the Greed Island.

2. Click “Join” to register. When participants meet the requirement, battle will start (10V10 at maximum)

3. The battlefield opens twice per day, from 10:00-12:00, 20:00-22:00.

4. Players can attend it without limit. The first 3 entries offer double Honor rewards.

5. Honor can be used to buy items at the Honor Shop on the bottom left corner.

Note: Season match and season rewards, inter-server matching are not available. Please stay tuned for future versions.

Battle Rules:

Players will be divided into 2 faction at random and they need to collect various cards. When a faction holds the required number of cards, it will win.

Ways to acquire cards:

1. Negotiate with NPC to get cards of corresponding quality.

2. Click a player of the opponent faction and seize the player’s card, receive 1-2 random cards held by the player after victory.

Each battle lasts 15 minutes. If neither party finish collection the targeted cards when time’s up, the result will be determined by the total value of cards each side holds.

Ways to Earn Honor:

1. Negotiate and get cards.

2. Hold cards.

3. Plunder other players.

4. Complete random quests in the battlefield.

More Honor will be rewarded if a faction wins the battle.

A, B and C cards are held by fixed NPC in fixed location. But the number of cards is limited. So players need to negotiate with them first.

When all NPC cards are claimed, they will be refreshed after a while.

S cards have 4 locations where S Card Holders will be refreshed randomly. Please play close attention to them.

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