Share Strategy and Win Blue Diamonds

09/01/2017 23:19


In order to make the Hunter Community more active and help new comings quickly familiar with the game playing , we invite you to join the game strategy tips collection event.

[Duration]: Jan. 9th- Fed. 9th, 2017

[Server]: All


During the event, you are welcomed to create your own Strategy Topic on our official forum, express your own opinion and write down creative game strategy tips, such as something about quick level-up, instances, Hero using and so on.

[Event Rewards]:

Players will be given 300 to 1000 blue diamonds according to the value of their post, after we evaluate their post.

[Format]: Your post title must include ''Game Strategy''. There is no format requirement for the body, but it should include your character name and server.

[Overall Format]:

Title: [Game Strategy] **********




[Evaluation Standard]:

1. It is original and has a correct title. The total number of words is not less than 300, and include a correct server and in-game character name;

2. The strategy is useful and rich in content;

[Reward Giveaway]:

Rewards will be sent after the event.


1. All players’ strategies posted on the forum have a chance to be taken and published on our official website. Then we will make appropriate adjustments on your strategy content;

2. The essential post will be published on the official website after having been adjusted. The author’s character name and server will be included as well;

3. Don’t use vulgar language and language attacking in nature in the posts. If found to being a bully, you will be disqualified from this event;

4. Don’t post meaningless posts and repeat posting. If found, the admin will be entitled to delete it.

[Warm Tips]

1.Please create your own topic in Experience Discussion Channel

2.We will only consider the first post if similar content is posted multiple times;

3.The operation group reserves the right for the final interpretation of this event.

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