1. Level 40 players can enter the Greed Island.
2. Click “Join” to register. When participants meet the requirement, battle will start (10V10 at maximum)
3. The battlefield opens twice per day, from 10:00-12:00,20:00-22:00.
4. Players can attend it without limit. The first 3 entries offer double Honor rewards.
5. Honor can be used to buy items at the Honor Shop on the bottom left corner.
Now cross-server battlefield are available, please enjoy it.

The Pet system is unlocked when players reach Lv.65.

1. How to obtain a pet?
A pet can be received by combining pet shards. Different pets have different kinds of pet shards;
Pet shards can be redeemed from the pet shop;
A pet starts out with 2 active skills. A pet’s passive skills can be unlocked by upgrading stars.

2. Battle Pets
A pet can battle as the sixth partner in the battle formation;
A battle pet can attack each turn;
Pets won’t be attacked.

3. Pet Upgrade
A pet's level is determined by the player level.
Upgrade your pet to increase your pet's stats.
In order to advance your pet, you have to upgrade your pet to a certain level.

4. Pet Advancement
Advancing a pet requires pet shards and pet advance stones.
Advance a pet to unlock passive skills and enhance your pet's stats.

5. Pet Evolution
Like character evolutions, evolving a pet requires corresponding Evolution Pills.
After evolving a pet, the pet's stats will be increased by a percentage.

6. Pet Exploration
Multiplayer cross-server gameplay
Send pets on exploration quests to gain earnings.
Pets need to spend some time to move to the specific node.

Random Quest
Players shall accept random quests when pets reach the node.
Players can receive battle buffs and resources after completing random quests.
Battle buffs are valid only through this gameplay.

Node Challenge
Players must challenge other players every time they reach a node and can move on only when they complete it.
Win the challenge and players can receive resources. The more times they succeed in every mode, the more rewards they can obtain.
Besides, players can invite friends to help them in challenges.
Players will be ranked based on their successful challenge times every day.

Random Status
Pets will be in a random status during exploration.
Random status is divided into positive and negative.
Players can spend Diamonds to clear a negative status or wait for other players to help you clear it.
A positive status can bring players extra rewards.
Players can receive extra rewards by interacting with other players.

To celebrate the launch of open beta, Hunter Online team has already prepared various activities to help you to dominate the ingame world. Wonderful activities, fantastic gifts are waiting for your participation! Join us quickly and gain more surprises and friends!
Please pay attention to in-game event announcements for more details.

Festival Pack
During the event, all players can claim the pack when login in the game.

Cumulative Top-up
During the event, cumulative top-up the required amount to receive corresponding rewards.

Cumulative Consume
During the event, cumulative consume the required amount to receive corresponding rewards.

Double Carnival
During the Double Carnival, rewards will be doubled in the Sky Arena.

Festival First Top-up
During the event, top-up for the first time daily to receive corresponding rewards.

Top-up Ranking
During the festival, join the Top-up Ranking Event to receive lots of rewards.